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What I Do

Every family and baby is  unique, so I offer a variety of care packages as well as al la carte services for breastfeeding and general support. Some families receive care packages as a gift, and others find this to be the best investment they make for nourishing their family. If you aren't sure what you need, just get in touch.
We can figure it out together! -Susan

Man Holding Newborn

Complete Care Package

Continuous Care Pregnancy to Postpartum

While some people think they are just hiring me to provide breastfeeding care...they don't realize that what nature intended is that breastfeeding support is really about support for the whole family, the mom-baby, and making sure all is well. With complete care you get the peace of mind and somebody to text when you have a simple question or need a referral, and you know your baby and your family is's so much more then JUST feeding the baby.!

  • Prenatal Breastfeeding Class or Consult (partner included)

  • Postpartum home (or hospital) visit(s)

  • Ensuring Mom is comfortable, support system is in place, discussion of infant norms, helping mom and partner understand moods, and discussions basic help with infant sleeping arrangements

  • Office visit support as needed

  • Pumping and bottle feeding help (optional)

  • -Free Infant Scale rental (optional)

  • Unlimited 3 month text/phone support 24/7 

  • 6 free passes to Nourishing Motherhood Circle and Support Groups

  • Breastfeeding soothing care kit 

Mother Breastfeeding Baby

Just the Breastfeeding Bundle

None of those extras, I just need some breastfeeding guidance!

If you feel you have pretty much everything else under control,...but maybe want a little extra support in your back pocket for the baby feeding. This isi your package! 

  • Prenatal Class or consult, partner included!

  • Postpartum Home Visit, includes follow up care as needed. I never leave a mama struggling! 

  • 1 Month unlimited phone/text support 24/7

Newborn Baby with Mom

Crisis Care Breastfeeding Help

I don't even know what I need.
Just help me. 
$89, additional services billed at listed rates

If you are crying, wincing, in pain, angry, deflated, hating breastfeeding, not sure if baby is getting enough, unhappily exclusively pumping or feeling like you can't even do this...then let's fix that. 

I'll be over to your home ASAP and we will figure out what is going on!

Care includes:

  • 1 hour (ish) home visit, I leave when we have a plan in place and you (and partner) are comfortable and baby is content.

  • Follow up phone calls at 24-36 hours, and 1 week after our visit

If we determine additional care, support, text/phone support, scale, etc is needed those will be arranged and billed as listed.

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