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A Bit About Me



I think what best describes me is that I am a much different mother then the imaginary mother I thought I would be. And that isn't bad. It's just been harder. And better. And I have changed and grown so much. And still am making room for new seasons of life.

I get to live in Kennewick, Washington, USA with my super supportive husband and our three children.  We currently have too many chickens and I struggle daily to keep my home tidy....and not because of the chickens. Let's be honest, I can think of a lot of things I'd rather be doing then the dishes. 

I am passionate about breastfeeding, mood struggles, new parenthood and especially passionate about families. I love listening to stories, telling stories, and being outside. If I could, I would be backpacking all year long, maybe someday. And I love learning everything I can. I always try to work part-time as being at home with my kids is very important to me, because of this I am able to adapt both my home-life and work-life to what works best for me and my clients.  

Maybe I'll see you at a class, or during pregnancy or you'll listen to me drivel on at circle group or hand you tissues at our postpartum visit or or chat after your baby is a year old. No matter when we finally connect...I can't wait to meet you! 



I am passionate about family-centered, patient empowered and evidence based care. I have been working with families since 2011 after defending my master's thesis, getting pregnant, and then deciding to open a cloth diapering store--a unexpected path for sure! During the next 5 years I operated a retail storefront focused on families and sustainability, and created a beautiful environment where families where welcomed into a home-like space to connect and find support. Our couches were rarely empty.


It was during this time I started my mentorship under Chris, my first breastfeeding mentor. I had always been interested in breastfeeding and infant development, and was an active participant in our local La Leche League. Under her guidance my knowledge and compassion grew. I have been in private practice as a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist (CBS) since 2017. Every year I have continued to learn as often as I am able, and in 2023 I started a new mentorship program. I am so excited to be learning even more so I can support families with even better care! I really believe in finding the root cause of issues...and work tirelessly to help families find answers. Humans are body, mind, and spirit. We consider all of that for family, mom and baby as we work together! 


 I really believe in a collaborative care approach  between parents and providers and am always extending my network of providers I refer to and can add to our care team!  I have been leading support groups  for 10 years and helping families with infant feeding for over 6 years, I also teach prenatal infant feeding classes to help families prepare for this new journey!

My practice is always evolving and changing to be better, and I hope, so am I! 

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