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Circle groups are designed to give you a moment to connect with others, to find valuable resources, be validated in your journey, and get tasty snacks...and maybe even get some pampering. 

All you need to do? Just show up!

What? Come for a time to connect with other mothers, a little guided topical discussion, lots of time to chat about whatever is on your mind, and a little bit of simple self care and pampering. This is the group you can come in your sweat pants or show off your glam makeup, you can be real about how you're feeling, share your latest poo-mageddon story and maybe even find that mom friend you've been wishing for.  Light snacks provided. This is not a breastfeeding support group (often asked since I do breastfeeding support)'s for ALL mums. So, yes, you should feed your baby if you have one, in whatever way you'd like! 

When: Every other Thursday, 1-3pm.

Who?: Any mothers are welcome. Topics will be geared for pregnant or new moms, or moms of little babies, but if you want to come and you have old "babies", you can try it out! Babes in arms always welcome! If you have older children you need to bring, just be aware that you may need to spend more time wrangling your early walkers/crawlers.

Where?: Circle groups are held at Melissa's home. You may park along the street. And you will be required to make yourself at home when you arrive. It's a home that people live in...if a little clutter bothers you, try not to look at it. ;) I know it can be hard to bravely enter somebody else's home, but I do this on purpose. We NEED to learn how to build community in our homes and this is how I do things! Be brave! Join us!

Cost?: $5/circle or by donation. Circle group is free, we use donations to help cover cost of snacks and other pampering. 

What should you not bring? Your judgy pants or your giving advice pants. As always, this circle will be a space to encourage, uplift, and embrace you right where you are come however you can...dressed up, or dressed down. There isn't a "right" way to parent. We promise to always listen with ears and hearts wide open. We will only give advice when asked. Otherwise, we are just here to be. So excited to see you!


Rest and Connect


Nourishing Motherhood Circle Group

This circle group is open to mothers from all seasons of life! Pregnant, new babies, or even as your babies grow into kids and beyond! Our experience is us together, we aren't here to get or give advice, unless asked, we are here to support and listen. To laugh. To stare at the wall. To let somebody else hold the baby for while...or just enjoy the snuggles all for yourself. Because we are from different seasons of motherhood, there is great wisdom!  You can let somebody else get you some food...while you rest and regroup. Come give it a try! We occasionally have a guest presenter to share a valuable service or local resource with us! More info on Facebook.


Groups are currently hosted at Melissa's home, every other Thursday. I want to model that our homes are for sharing with one another  It may feel odd at first, but I hope soon you'll be looking forward to every other Thursday! 

For dates and topics and directions or questions, message or text me! 

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