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Compassionate Feeding Help and Support for Growing Families

How we can help.

Nourishing Us is dedicated to compassionate, high quality, and family centered infant feeding support for all families in Tri Cities, WA and beyond.

Susan is dedicated to empowering families as they find their way through early parenthood.

You are what your child needs, every journey looks different. This will be a safe and soft place to land if you are feeling overwhelmed, scared or discouraged or just need a little reassurance. 

Prenatal Planning/Classes

Book a prenatal planning visit or reserve feeding support!

The #1 to improving feeding outcomes and reduce stress is prenatal education and planning! Reserving postpartum care means you never need to worry about feeding already have that care scheduled!

Classes or individual appointments available!

In-Office or Virtual Care

Grab a office visit appointment for you and your baby in our comfortable office! Or use virtual appointments!

All our care includes long visit times and follow up text support so we can understand any issues and have time to make a family centered plan for care. 

Convenient In-Home Visits

You should just be cuddled up with your new baby...let us do the traveling! Care in the comfort of your own home. If you have never experienced in-home are in for a treat! 

No need to tidy up, homes are for living in...and don't worry about wiggly siblings or fur babies. We don't mind at all.

Need to know if this is a good investment for you and your family?

Check out these reviews to help you get an idea of what to expect from our care! 

I am so grateful for Susan! She helped me with my battles night and day for over 6 weeks! Thank you for the knowledge and passion you bring.  Every new mom should see her even just to be reassured everything is right before problems start.


I highly recommend! I am an anxious person by nature and she made me feel so comfortable and a lot more confident in my ability to do the things I want to for my baby. So happy we met and cannot say how much at peace I feel knowing she is a resource and advocate for me.


After struggling with my first, I found help with my second. Thanks to Susan I am still breastfeeding & plan to keep going! She has given me confidence in myself! Susan is full of knowledge, full of spirit, & full of understanding. You want her help - trust me!

Dani Lynn

More reviews from parents...

I'm 2.5 months postpartum and still think about how invaluable Susan was for us at the beginning of my son's and my breastfeeding journey. This was my second pregnancy and birth experience, and Susan helped me prepare for and cope with all the craziness that is nursing a baby. She was even there for me through a pre-term hospitalization and made me feel like I was in control and capable. All women deserve a cheerleader, educator and simply amazing human being in their corner when it comes to breastfeeding. Susan is so clearly called to this work. She is an intelligent, compassionate, straight-talking expert who truly gives her all to help women and their families navigate caring for a child. Because of COVID, we've never actually met in person, but I feel like she was and will be family forever.   -Sibyl


Susan Brady is very knowledgeable, professional, and so supportive! She will go out of her way to help you with any lactation/feeding related questions or challenges. You can tell she is doing what she does from a heart of compassion and care. She helped us identify a lip tie, noticed muscle tightness in our baby's jaw and neck and suggested physical therapy/chiro care. After the first chirp adjustment nursing was 70% better, in a few weeks we went from so much pain I couldn't breastfeed to 100% healed and happy! Without Susan, I would have given up. She was so supportive every single step of the way. We give her a 10 of 10!   -Katy

Susan is the best when it comes to everything breastfeeding. After a traumatic first few weeks breastfeeding my first born I was terrified to breastfeed my twins. Susan met with me before they were born to give me tips and tricks with twins and we talked at length about how to avoid the struggles I had with my first. After delivery she gave me all the reassurance and resources I needed to feel confident that breastfeeding was going well. She went above and beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend her services. Sometimes you need more support than what the hospitals can offer and when you do Susan is there to save the day! it has been 10 weeks of my twins exclusively breastfeeding (and tandem feeding as well!) and all because of Susan!   -Becca

Susan is absolutely amazing and so easy to work with. She is very knowledgeable and will be with you through the whole process. Highly recommended.   -Joshua 

Susan is an amazing resource! She treats her clients with respect and compassion while working with them to reach their own personal goals for feeding their children. She met us where we were at and gave us practical, science-based approaches to work towards exclusively nursing for both our kids. I recommend her to expecting and new parents any chance I get.

Walker and Annie.jpg

-Annie and Walker (and still nursing at 19 months..)

I can’t thank Susan enough. I had many frustrated tears that ended up turning into tears of joy! A month postpartum, I was in desperate need of help and about to bag breastfeeding. I was having such excruciating pain with nursing, I cried each time I tried to nurse. Everyone kept telling me to give it up as it shouldn’t be that hard and not everyone can breastfeed. A friend recommended Susan and it was such a God send to be put in touch with her. I would not be 4.5 months exclusively breastfeeding now if it weren’t for her. She has so much knowledge. Susan put me in touch with a chiropractor who did body work with my little guy and got me where I am today. He has a posterior tongue tie and cheek tie, we were able to do enough body work and at home exercises to finally make things work pain free! I honestly didn’t think it would work and it was my last shot before quitting. I’m so thankful she encouraged me to keep going as I had to exclusively pump for about a month and a half. If it weren’t for her I would not be breastfeeding today. I’ve seen a number of LCs, but they aren’t all created equal. Susan knows what she is doing.


If you have any questions about services, circle groups or are just curious if I could help with your situation, just ask! Texting or phone calls are fine (ok, I admit texting is always fastest with me), and emails work great! I will respond as soon as I am able! -Susan


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