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I am so grateful for Susan! She helped me with my battles night and day for over 6 weeks! Thank you for the knowledge and passion you bring.  Every new mom should see her even just to be reassured everything is right before problems start.


After struggling with my first, I found help with my second. Thanks to Susan I am still breastfeeding & plan to keep going! She has given me confidence in myself! Susan is full of knowledge, full of spirit, & full of understanding. You want her help - trust me!

Dani Lynn

Susan provided an excellent sounding board during my postpartum journeys. She is knowledgeable, non-judgmental, and genuinely wants wants to help you succeed as a parent, where ever your journey may take you.


My Story

How I Got Here

I didn't set out to be a pregnancy and postpartum guru or the boob lady, it found me. And when the thing you've been made for finds you, it all clicks into place! While I love babies, what I love most is new parents. Oh the emotions, the transformation we go through when we first see that positive pregnancy test! It is such an honor to empower and listen to new parents as they navigate the waters of their new family dynamics. And through all my training, degrees, and years of watching mums and dads in so many ways, I have learned that a loud listener is the best thing I can offer as both a provider and an educator. And why personally am I here? Because parenthood was such a hard (yet wonderful) transition for me. And because of loneliness. Because I believe that no family should ever feel isolated by new parenthood....and so while I may see you for breastfeeding support, or a prenatal class, or we connect at circle group, my goal is always to leave with you feeling I have done very little...and that YOU now hold the magical keys in your own hands to unlock the joy and success of this new life season. I'm just there to help you realize that you had them all along! I can't wait to meet you. -Susan



If you have any questions about services, circle groups or are just curious if I could help, just ask! Texting or phone calls are fine, and emails work great! I will respond as soon as I am able! -Susan


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